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Email update: Answering to you

Aug 11, 2016
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I sent an email update on Thursday to provide a government accountability report on how I'm making government work for Sacramento County. Please join my email updates now so do you don't miss any in the future!

Congress should be a place for service, not for politicians who are out to protect their own best interests. 

In Sacramento County, I know sometimes it can feel like Washington is out of touch and doesn’t listen. People are frustrated when politicians in both parties blame one another without offering solutions, while special interests set the agenda and middle class families struggle in a changing economy.

As your representative, I took an oath to serve you. This is why my priority is to make government work for you, so we put people ahead of politics to move our country forward.

So today, here’s a new report on what I’m doing to make government work for Sacramento County.

Please take a moment to read more, and then share your thoughts by completing my survey. Staying in touch and listening to you is core to my job – please make sure your voice is heard.

Serving Sacramento County:

Shared with a Sacramento County resident how my office can help with Social Security and Medicare issues.

Your needs are my biggest priority. This is why my office has been hard at work helping local folks recover backlogged veterans’ benefits, Social Security savings, and stalled tax refunds.

• Recovered more than $3,321,404 owed to area taxpayers.
• Served more than 6,361 people who reached out to my office.
• Already hosted 21 events in our community in 2016 alone to connect residents with local resources.

My office is here to help Sacramento County familiesveteransseniorsbusinesses, and more however we can. We’d be honored to help you, too. Please always feel free to call us at (916) 635 0505 or visit to learn more about all the ways we can serve you.

Fighting Congressional Perks and Pay Raises: 

Had the chance to hear directly from local residents during a congressional forum and to give an update about my work in Congress.

I introduced and helped pass No Budget, No Pay, and am now fighting to make it permanent. This bill says if members of Congress don’t pass a budget on time, they don’t get paid.

I’ve also repeatedly voted against congressional pay raises and am fighting perks like allowing members of Congress to fly first-class when it’s paid for by taxpayers.

Working with Both Parties: Co-Chairing the Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus

Heard from a Sacramento County resident about how important it is to end the gridlock in Washington.

Government shutdowns and stalled legislation get us nowhere. That’s why as Co-Chair of the Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus, I’m working with both parties to move our nation forward in a positive way.

For instance, we’re supporting the Government Transformation Act. This bill would require a government-wide audit to find wasteful spending. Congress would then have to consider specific action items found by the audit to eliminate inefficiencies and to save taxpayer money.

Increasing Openness in Government: 

Heard from local seniors express their concerns about protecting Medicare and Social Security.

The American people should be able to know what their leaders are up to and how we are working on their behalf. This is necessary to make government work for you.

That’s why my office has now replied to more than 164,000 of your letters, phone calls, and emails to answer your questions and concerns. 

I’m supporting a bipartisan bill to fix the broken budget process so Congress can focus on overseeing government agencies to ensure taxpayer money is being spent wisely. I also introduced new legislation so congressional leaders can’t turn off the TV cameras that cover Congress, which they now can do to stop the American people from seeing what’s happening.

Congress should a place for service, not politicians who are out to protect their own best interests. This is why making government work for Sacramento County is one of my top priorities.

And a crucial part of making government work is hearing from you. Listening to you is my most important job >>

Democracy works best when every person’s voice is heard. Please take a moment and make yours heard today by taking my survey.

Be well,

Ami Bera, M.D.
Member of Congress

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P.S. Your thoughtful suggestions always help my office do a better job of serving you. 

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Listening to you is my most important job. Thank you for taking a moment to share your thoughts.