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Email update: Personal note on Women's Equality Day

Aug 26, 2016
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Email update sent on Friday, August 26th, 2016

I sent an email update on Friday to commemorate the 96th anniversary of American women gaining the right to vote. Please click here to join my email updates so you don't miss any in the future!

Today, we mark an essential milestone in our nation’s history. 

It didn’t come easily. It only came because many committed, heroic Americans never gave up. Now, it’s fundamental to our character as a nation. It has made our union more perfect and made it possible for future generations to build on its progress.

96 years ago today, American women gained the right to vote with adoption of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Women have made tremendous progress, but we still have so much more to do. Please click here to learn more about how I’ve made fighting for Women’s Equality a priority in Congress.

As a son, husband, and father of a daughter, I’ve spent my whole life surrounded by strong, intelligent, and hardworking women. 

My wife Janine is a full time physician who has made tremendous contributions to our community. My daughter Sydra is now pursuing her college education. I feel blessed to have them in my life and to see them doing such great things as we all support each other as a family.

They're examples of how women all over Sacramento County, and our nation, are pursuing their dreams through determination and talent. 

At my office’s Women Economic Agenda forum in Rancho Cordova, where I joined with local female leaders to discuss many of the challenges faced in the workplace.

Since women gained the right to vote 96 years ago, women certainly have made great progress in our society. Women are now among our greatest leaders and role models in everything from business to gold medal winning Olympic athletes. 

But it’s also true that we still have so much more to do as a country to realize full equality:

As a father, I want my daughter to grow up in a country where her gender is not a barrier to her success. This is why the fight for women’s equality is one of my top priorities in Congress.

Please click here to learn more about how I’m fighting for Women’s Equality – from equal pay, to expanding access to health care, to standing against domestic violence, and more. 

These are deeply personal issues to me as a son, husband, and father of a daughter. We have made progress, but we have to keep moving forward so every one of our daughters can realize her dreams in our great country.

As always, I hope you’ll free to ask a question or to share your thoughts with me. Congress should be a place for service, and I’m honored to work for you.

Be well,

Ami Bera, M.D.
Member of Congress

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