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Email update: Working for you

Oct 8, 2015
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Email update sent on Thursday, October 8th, 2015

I sent an email update on Thursday on how I've been working for you these past few weeks. Please join my email updates now so you don't miss any in the future!

Hope you’re having a great October! Here’s a quick update on how I've been working for you:

Putting People First: Preventing Another Government Shutdown
Last week, I joined members of Congress from both parties to stop another harmful government shutdown. We passed a short-term spending bill to keep the government open until December 11th, but this is no way to run our country.
With this latest bill we’ll face another manufactured crisis in just two months when a government shutdown may be even more likely. Now more than ever Republicans and Democrats need to work on a long-term budget to set our priorities and help pay down our debt.
If members of Congress don’t do their job and pass a budget they shouldn't get paid. That’s why the first bill I supported in Congress was the No Budget, No Pay Act. I helped pass this bill into law in 2013 and I’m now fighting to pass a stronger and more permanent version.
Click here to see me speak out against a possible shutdown on the House floor >>

I’m also supporting the Hold Government Accountable Act to stop members of Congress from getting paid during a shutdown. It’s unfair for members of Congress to keep getting their pay and perks while Americans suffer in a shutdown.
Click here to read more about this issue on my website.

Protecting Sacramento County’s Water Supply
California’s historic drought is hurting families, farmers, and small business owners in our area. At this critical time, we can’t send any more water out of our area. Instead, we should be working on solutions to increase storage capacity, and recycle and conserve the water we have.
That’s why I’m urging Governor Brown to reconsider his flawed plan to build two water draining tunnels under the delta to send more water out of our area.
These tunnels won’t create a drop of water, but they’d make our own local water shortage worse.

I’ve consistently fought this expensive & shortsighted plan in Congress.
I’m working in a coalition with several Members of Congress from Northern California to do all we can to stop the tunnels. I’m also supporting legislation to block any federal funding from going towards their construction. I will continue to work with my colleagues to stop this plan.
You can click here to read our letter to Governor Brown urging him to reconsider.

Helping to Fight Prescription Drug Abuse
Did you know that 55 percent of people who abuse painkillers get them from a friend or family member? If you can find old or expired drugs in your medicine cabinet, chances are that a child, friend, or family member can stumble onto them just as easily.
As a doctor, I understand how prescription drug abuse harms our families and loved ones and there is more we can do to help prevent it.
I recently took part in Prescription Drug Take Back Day to raise awareness about how to safely dispose of your old or expired medications.

We still have a lot more to do to address this issue, which is why I introduced the bipartisan Dispose Responsibly of Pills (DROP) Act. My new bill will help local law enforcement, clinics, pharmacies, and other authorized collectors provide permanent drop off sites for people to safely get rid of their medication.
Click here to find a drop-off location in your area to take back any used or expired prescription drugs.

As always, I’m honored and humbled to serve you in Congress. Please feel free to write or call any time.

Be well,

Ami Bera, M.D.
Member of Congress

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