Congress must deal responsibly, strategically with budget cuts | Congressman Ami Bera

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Representing the 7th District of California
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Congress must deal responsibly, strategically with budget cuts

Feb 26, 2013
In The News

In November's election, the citizens spoke loudly and decisively. They expect President Barack Obama and Congress to work together on the important issues of the day: speeding up our slow economic recovery, getting people back to work and getting our budget in order so that we don't leave a mountain of debt to our children and grandchildren. In my first month as a newly elected congressman, I remain optimistic that we can work together to find solutions to these pressing challenges. But I have also already seen the politics of dysfunction and gridlock first-hand. We must do better.

Washington's dysfunction is no clearer than in Congress' failure to have a real debate about our budget. We must address the budget in a responsible way, by simplifying our tax code and ending unfair loopholes and giveaways to corporations such as big oil, and finding savings in programs that are outdated and no longer effective. We must also grow our economy through strategic investments that will create jobs and opportunity.

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