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Ami In The News

Jan 27, 2016 In The News

RANCHO MURIETA (CBS13) — Jumping at the state’s water rebate program, Alvin Somers ripped out his lawn, and put in drought resistant plants and woodchips. California’s Save our Water program rewarded him with a check for $1,300.

“The idea was terrific,” Somers said.

Jan 12, 2016 In The News

Sarmed Ibrahim, an engineer from Sacramento County, is haunted by the cries of his daughter when al Qaida attacked his Baghdad home a decade ago because he’d cooperated with the U.S.

“When I see my daughter – she’s 17 now – I still hear her voice, her screaming, as the bullets are coming around us,” Ibrahim said. “We thought this was the end.”

Jan 6, 2016 In The News

Living in Baghdad, Iraq, and working as an engineer for the U.S. military in 2005, Sarmed Ibrahim found himself fearing for his young family's safety and looking for a way out.

Never could he have imagined 11 years later he'd be living in Carmichael, Calif. and heading to the president's State of the Union address.

Dec 7, 2015 In The News

Another community in our country has been enveloped in grief as it mourns the 14 people killed and 21 wounded in a mass shooting in San Bernardino. Mothers, brothers, sisters, grandparents are all heartbroken and dismayed as to why our country must continue to experience these acts of violence that feel increasingly routine.

Nov 24, 2015 In The News

Syrian refugees and national security are at the center of the fight over the congressional seat in District 7.

Incumbent Congressman Ami Bera stopped by the FOX40 studios Tuesday.

Bera said the Obama administration needs to do more to stop ISIS, including targeting the terror group online, where they communicate with followers.

Nov 22, 2015 In The News

It’s not the kind of thing most people want to think about, going into the holidays – the friends and relatives who find this time of year more painful than joyous. Those among us who are wracked with the twin diseases of mental illness and addiction.

Nov 17, 2015 In The News

U.S. Rep. Dr. Ami Bera (D-Elk Grove) recently proposed reforms for the Veterans Administration (VA) system. He wants the VA management to improve how they process veterans who seek medical care. 

Nov 16, 2015 In The News

Congressman Ami Bera was in Elk Grove to promote the DROP Act of 2015, which would provide 24 hour drug disposal kiosks for prescription drugs people no longer need. 

Nov 12, 2015 In The News

FOLSOM LAKE (CBS13) — Rep. Ami Bera toured the low levels at Folsom Lake, walking through areas that should be underwater.

“You can see the pictures and so forth but when you’re actually standing in the lake and seeing how low the water level is it really is dramatic,” he said.

Recent rain has provided a little leeway, but it’s clear there’s still a long way to go.