Bera comments on President’s administrative actions on immigration | Congressman Ami Bera

Bera comments on President’s administrative actions on immigration

Nov 21, 2014
Press Release

Today, President Obama announced that he will take temporary administrative actions to help address our country’s broken immigration system. These steps are intended to focus limited law-enforcement resources towards criminals who are more serious threats to public safety, while deferring action on lower-priority undocumented immigrants. Rep. Bera made the following statement:

“We need an immigration policy that makes our country safe and our economy strong. Unfortunately, our immigration system has been broken for years, and Washington gridlock has continually gotten in the way of meaningful reform.While I understand the administration taking action, only Congress can fix our nation’s immigration system in a holistic way once and for all. Now more than ever, Democrats and Republicans have to come together to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that secures our borders, allows our economy to grow, and ensures accountability for new American immigrants. I will continue to work with Republicans, Democrats, and the Administration in any way I can to advocate for a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill that truly solves the immigration issues we face."

As the son of parents who immigrated to America in the 1950s, Rep. Bera grew up knowing the value of hard work and that America was a land of opportunity. He is a cosponsor  of a comprehensive immigration reform bill in Congress to keep families safe, and to encourage the best and brightest people to stay in America so they can start their companies and create jobs here in the U.S. He also introduced the bipartisan Conrad State 30 and Physician Access Act, which would address the doctor shortage by issuing visas for U.S.-educated foreign physicians and worked to include this bill in the comprehensive immigration bill (H.R. 15) that was introduced in the House of Representatives.

Congressman Ami Bera, M.D. represents Sacramento County. Born and raised in California, Bera is a physician and the only Indian American currently serving in Congress. He’s fighting to rebuild an economy that works for middle class families and to reduce our country’s debt in a responsible way. One of Bera’s first acts in Congress was to help lead the effort to pass the No Budget No Pay Act, which says if members of Congress don’t pass a budget, they don’t get paid. As a leader of the No Labels' Problem Solvers, he’s working with people from both parties to find bipartisan solutions to our nation’s challenges. He and his wife Janine live in Elk Grove with their daughter Sydra. For more updates on Rep. Bera follow@RepBera on Twitter, like Congressman Bera on Facebook, or visit