Rep. Bera Reaches Constituent Services Milestone | Congressman Ami Bera

Rep. Bera Reaches Constituent Services Milestone

Jun 25, 2018
Press Release
Bera’s Office Has Helped More Than 10,000 Constituents from California’s 7th Congressional District, Returned Over $5.1 Million to Local Taxpayers

SACRAMENTO, CA – Representative Ami Bera (D-CA) announced today that his office has helped more than 10,000 constituents in California’s 7th Congressional District and returned over $5.1 million to local taxpayers. As of late June, Bera’s office has assisted 10,061 constituents, including helping more than 2,470 veterans and servicemembers receive $2.2 million in earned benefits.

“Serving the people of Sacramento County is the most important job I have,” said Congressman Bera. “Whether it’s helping veterans at the VA, or seniors and their loved ones with Social Security and Medicare, I’m very proud of the work our team has done. I want to thank my staff for their hard work because this is a big milestone to reach.”

In total, nearly 25% of constituents helped by Congressman Bera’s office have been veterans or servicemembers. Additionally, the office has helped 1,514 residents with Social Security or Medicare and over 380 residents with problems at the IRS. In one instance, Bera’s office was able to secure a $90,000 tax discharge for a constituent who was owed by the IRS.

If you or someone you know needs help with backlogged veterans’ benefits, Social Security or Medicare, stalled tax refunds or more, contact Congressman Bera’s office at (916) 635-0505 or visit the website: