Wildfire Resources | Congressman Ami Bera

Wildfire Resources

I’m heartbroken by the wildfires raging through our state. From Paradise to Malibu, we’ve seen our heroic firefighters do an incredible job. We must do all that we can support them and the families who have lost loved ones and their homes. And as a doctor, I know that poor air quality can have serious health consequences for our region.

Thankfully our district hasn’t been directly hit by fires, but the risk is still there. And many in our community know someone who has been directly impacted.

Here are some resources that may be able to help you or someone you know. Please feel free to share this information with anyone who may need it.

Smoke and air quality information: Our region continues to be impacted by smoke from wildfires, which can be especially harmful to older residents or those with health conditions like asthma. The two web pages below have up-to-date smoke and air quality information that may be helpful.
• California Air Resources Board: Information on Smoke & Current Wildfires
• Sacramento Region: Spare the Air

Get up-to-date information: The links below will help you sign-up for emergency alerts from Sacramento County, learn about the latest wildfire incidents throughout our state, up-to-date information on available evacuation shelters, and more:
• Sacramento Ready: Emergency Alerts Notification System
• Cal-Fire: Incident Information
• Cal-Fire: Red Flag Warnings & Fire Weather Watches
• Cal-Fire: 2018 Statewide Incidents Map

Preparedness and prevention: We can take steps here in Sacramento Country to reduce the risk of wildfires, such as clearing brush and vegetation around homes and businesses. You can learn more about how you can help here:
• Cal-Fire: Prepare and Prevent Wildfires at readyforwildfire.org
• Ready.gov/wildfires
• Sacramento Ready: Wildfires

Recovery and relief: If you own property impacted by a wildfire, or know someone who does, the state of California and the federal government provide disaster assistance programs to help residents recover and rebuild. You can visit the links below to learn more.
• California Office of Emergency Services 
• DisasterAssistance.gov
• FEMA.gov