A Prescription to Protect Our Care | Congressman Ami Bera

A Prescription to Protect Our Care

Congressional leaders are still pushing to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Many families are struggling with high health care costs and have genuine concerns about their coverage. But repealing the Affordable Care Act would make the situation worse, not better. The Senate’s repeal plan would kick 22 million off their health care, raise costs, and place an age tax on seniors.

We can’t play politics with people’s lives. Instead of this reckless plan, we need to focus on real solutions that put patients over politics.

That’s why I’m pushing for a Prescription to Protect Our Care: Real Health Care Solutions for Sacramento County Families.

My congressional colleagues and I came together at the U.S. Capitol this week to unveil our new health care plan to provide real solutions.

Like many of you, I’m frustrated by how congressional leaders are going about health care reform. Many of my congressional colleagues feel the same way.

We decided to come together and push for real solutions instead of partisan games. Our plan includes commonsense steps both parties can agree on.

Our Prescription to Protect Our Care includes:

Protecting people with preexisting conditions:

We need to keep covering people with preexisting conditions as we balance costs. We propose a dedicated reserve that makes sure premiums stay affordable and helps offset the costs of extremely high medical expenses.

Keeping costs down for families:

Health care simply costs too much — and people keep paying more and more for less coverage. Unfortunately, that problem has only gotten worse. The new administration isn’t honoring a promise to deliver payments that help lower deductibles and out-of-pocket costs for families. This has created uncertainty in the markets and sharp premium increases in some areas. We should guarantee these cost sharing reduction payments to lower costs and ensure stability.

I joined with my fellow doctors and congressional colleagues at the U.S. Capitol to fight against repeal and remind the Senate that health care isn’t about politics — it’s about people’s lives.

Caring for both the sick and the healthy:

We need to do a better job helping younger, healthier people get coverage. Covering more young people balances the folks with higher health care needs and helps lower costs for everyone. We should invest in outreach that targets younger, healthier people to help get them covered.

Creating more affordable options:

Families need to have more affordable choices that work for them. That’s why, for instance, we should consider allowing people near retirement age the choice to buy into Medicare. We should also ensure younger people can access lower cost insurance plans that better fit their needs. These are just a few steps that we can take right now to increase competition and choice for families and seniors.

Making smart fixes:

Finally, we need more innovation to help people get health care at a lower cost. We should give states more flexibility to find ways to improve health care while keeping strong rules in place to protect patients. States should have more freedom to experiment and find solutions that work best for them. And we should be thinking about commonsense tweaks, like moving health insurance enrollment to tax season instead of the holiday season when budgets are tight and schedules are full.

I believe that we need to work across the aisle, regardless of party, to find ways to improve our health care. It’s time to focus on real solutions instead of pushing partisan ideas that make our situation worse.

Health care cannot be about politics — it must be about people’s lives.

To learn more about the Prescription to Protect Our Care:

Be well,

Ami Bera, M.D.
Member of Congress