Bera keeps pledge to Sacramento County, introduces permanent No Budget No Pay Act | Congressman Ami Bera

Bera keeps pledge to Sacramento County, introduces permanent No Budget No Pay Act

Jan 7, 2015
Press Release

Congressman Ami Bera, M.D. introduced the No Budget No Pay Act today which would stop pay for members of Congress if they fail to pass a budget. Bera introduced the bipartisan bill in the U.S. House with Congressmen Jim Cooper (D-TN), Reid Ribble (R-WI) and Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

“If members of Congress don’t do their jobs and pass a responsible budget, then they shouldn’t get paid,” said Bera. “We need to pass a permanent No Budget No Pay Act and then work together to pass a budget that reduces our debt in a responsible way while also investing in an economy that works for everyone.”

In 2012, Bera made a pledge to support No Budget No Pay and it was the first bill he sponsored after he was sworn into Congress. Soon after, Congress passed a one-year version of the law, and both the House and Senate passed a budget in 2013 for the first time in four years. Since then, Bera has been fighting to make the law permanent.

The bill introduced today would prohibit members from receiving pay after missing deadlines for budget and appropriations bills, would not allow for that pay to be recouped retroactively, and would make the law permanent.

Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) introduced the No Budget, No Pay Act in the Senate.

Bera has represented Sacramento County in Congress since 2013. Born and raised in California, he is a physician and the only Indian American currently serving in Congress. He’s fighting to rebuild an economy that works for middle class families and to reduce our country’s debt in a responsible way. As a leader of the No Labels' Problem Solvers, he’s working with people from both parties to find bipartisan solutions to our nation’s challenges. He and his wife Janine live in Elk Grove with their daughter Sydra. For more updates on Rep. Bera follow @RepBera on Twitter, like Congressman Bera on Facebook, or visit