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Press Release

Rep. Bera Votes for Immediate Action to Alleviate Infant Formula Shortage

After a major manufacturing recall, American families need urgent relief now

Representative Ami Bera, M.D. (CA-07) today voted for two urgent pieces of legislation to address the current infant formula shortage in the United States, H.R. 7790, Supplemental Funding Legislation to Address Infant Formula Shortage and H.R.7791, Access to Baby Formula Act.

Today's vote follows a May 17 letter that Congressman Bera joined more than 140 of his colleagues in urging President Biden and his Administration to do everything in its power to get infant formula back on the shelves and readily available.

"The baby formula shortage facing our country is unacceptable. No parent should ever have to worry about finding safe food for their infants," said Representative Bera, who previously served as Chief Medical Officer for Sacramento County. "As a doctor, I understand the health impact that this shortage is having on our nation's babies and families, which is why I proudly voted to take immediate action on this health emergency. The steps taken today by the House of Representatives would provide the FDA with the resources it needs to address this shortage while helping prevent a crisis like this from ever occurring again."

H.R. 7790, the Supplemental Funding Legislation to Address Infant Formula Shortage would provide $28 million in emergency supplemental appropriations to the FDA. These funds would help to both address the current shortage and provide resources to prevent future shortages.

H.R. 7791, the Access to Baby Formula Act would provide USDA the waiver authority to allow families to continue purchasing infant formula using their WIC benefits during certain emergencies, disasters, and supply chain disruptions.