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Democracy works best when everyone's voice is heard. Please refer to my Connect with Me page here to learn more about how we can stay in touch.

Email Me:

I take great pride in reading your messages and each one makes a difference. Please always feel free to send me an email to share your thoughts or to ask a question.

Responding to you:

Listening to you is my most important job: My office has now responded to more than 200,000 of your emails, phone calls, letters, and faxes. You can click here to watch me reply to your messages.

Take the survey!

It's always great to get your feedback and to know more about your priorities. Please take my survey here to continue our conversation.

Join My Email Updates:

I'm always so pleased when local folks tell me how much they enjoy keeping up with my email updates. Join my updates today – they're a great way for us to stay connected!

Art Competition:

Each year I'm proud to have my office take part in this competition to highlight talented local high school students.

Request a Meeting / Invite Me to Speak:

If you or your organization would like to meet with me in person, either in Sacramento County or Washington, D.C., please click here to fill out this form to send a request.

Office Locations:

My offices in Sacramento County and Washington, D.C. are here to serve you. Please click here to see how you can reach us.


If you're a young person who's interested in public service, my office may be able to help you get a started.